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Upcoming ReleasesPARADISE LOST to release ‘Medusa’ album this summer
///  Date : 23rd April, 2017  ///

U.K. gothic metal pioneers Paradise Lost are putting the finishing touches on their new album, recorded at Orgone Studios in the misty countryside of Woburn, England. Together with producer Jaime Gomez Arellano, they have forged the follow-up to their highly acclaimed release ‘The Plague Within‘ (2015), which brought them a step closer to their death metal roots. This time, Paradise Lost will haunt their fans with a heavy, doom-ridden monster, as lead guitarist and songwriter Greg Mackintosh reveals. “The new album will be slower, sludgier and more doom-filled than ever before”, he said. “Eight riff-laden monster tracks of sheer Northern misery.”

Paradise Lost‘s fifteenth studio album, titled ‘Medusa‘, will see the light of day at the end of summer via Nuclear Blast. As some might know, Medusa is considered a hideous Gorgon in Greek mythology — a winged female monster with living venomous snakes in place of hair and everyone who dares taking a look at her will immediately turn to stone.

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Upcoming ReleasesENSLAVED enters studio to record new Album
///  Date : 21st April, 2017  ///

It’s been over two years since the release of critically acclaimed album ‘In Times‘, and now Norway’s progressive metal legends Enslaved have entered the studio again to record their fourteenth, yet-untitled full-length release. Aiming for both wilder and yet more progressive and melodic horizons, the band, which celebrated its twenty-fifth anniversary last year, never ceases to surprise and challenge their fans; they will once again step up to the plate. The recordings are taking place at Duper & Solslottet Studios in Bergen throughout April, and will be mixed and mastered by Jens Bogren at Fascination Street Studios.

With its epic touch, the album promises to be original and refreshing — and to contain some surprising new elements. The eye-catching cover and artwork is once again being currently created by renowned designer and painter Truls Espedal.

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Upcoming ReleasesARCH ENEMY is in the studio, new Album coming this year
///  Date : 19th April, 2017  ///

Arch Enemy recently released its ‘As The Stages Burn‘ live album, though guitarist Michael Amott assures us that that’s not the only output you’ll be hearing from the band in 2017. In a Facebook post, Amott thanks fans for coming out to the shows, and follows it up by stating there will be a new album this year and that he’s currently in the studio with the band.

This will be Arch Enemy‘s second album with ex-The Agonist vocalist Alissa White-Gluz, and the first with ex-Nevermore guitarist Jeff Loomis.

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Upcoming ReleasesKILLSWITCH ENGAGE to release ‘Alive Or Just Breathing’ vinyl
///  Date : 18th April, 2017  ///

Killswitch Engage released ‘Alive Or Just Breathing‘ back on May 21, 2002, and will be celebrating the album’s 15th birthday with a vinyl release pretty close to the original release date! Roadrunner Records will be dropping the vinyl re-release on May 12 in a variety of packages, and with a slightly different artwork than the original.

Additionally, a limited release beer, cleverly dubbed “Alive Or Just Brewing“, will be released in conjunction with the vinyl. The beer will be available in select markets, including Tampa, New York City and the Cigar City Brewing Tasting Room.

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Upcoming ReleasesDYING FETUS to release ‘Wrong One To Fuck With’ album in June
///  Date : 11th April, 2017  ///

Death metal overlords Dying Fetus will release their eighth studio album, ‘Wrong One To Fuck With‘, on June 23 via Relapse.

On their first new release in over five years, the seasoned veterans manage to further stretch their creative and technical boundaries across ten complex tracks of pulverizing death metal, filled with more dynamic intricacies, brutal breakdowns and varied vocal patterns than ever before. Now over twenty-five years into their distinguished career, Dying Fetus cement their legacy with ‘Wrong One To Fuck With‘ and uphold their position as one of the most dominant forces in death metal today.

The first press of ‘Wrong One To Fuck With‘ on CD includes an expanded, deluxe packaging and the exclusive bonus track “Induce Terror“. Dying Fetus will embark on a European tour with Hatebreed this week.

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Upcoming ReleasesICED EARTH to release ‘Incorruptible’ in June
///  Date : 09th April, 2017  ///

It’s been three years since we last had a new offering from U.S. power metal icons Iced Earth. The band will be releasing ‘Incorruptible‘ on June 16, which will be Iced Earth’s first album with guitarist Jake Dreyer (ex-White Wizzard, Witherfall) and its third with vocalist Stu Block (ex-Into Eternity). ‘Incorruptible’ is 10 tracks long, and will be released by Century Media Records.

Guitarist and founder Jon Schaffer says the album is up there with 1996’s ‘The Dark Saga‘, 1998’s ‘Something Wicked This Way Comes‘, and 2011’s ‘Dystopia‘, which is definitely a mixed bag of records, but promising nonetheless.

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Upcoming ReleasesDYING FETUS offer teaser for new Album coming this summer
///  Date : 29th March, 2017  ///

One of the biggest death metal bands around, Dying Fetus, has shared their new album teaser. The good news is that the album will come out this summer via Relapse Records, which promise to reveal more soon. In the meantime, see the bloody teaser below to get in the mood. The trio has been working hard on the follow-up to 2012’s ‘Reign Supreme‘.

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Upcoming ReleasesPAPA ROACH announce new album ‘Crooked Teeth’
///  Date : 27th March, 2017  ///

Papa Roach have announced details of their ninth studio album. It’ll be titled ‘Crooked Teeth‘ and will launch on May 19 via Eleven Seven Music.

The band released the title track in November last year, with frontman Jacoby Shaddix previously reporting that the follow-up to 2015’s ‘F.E.A.R‘ mixed elements of “old school with some new school”. It was produced by Nicholas ‘RAS’ Furlong and Colin Brittain, with Jason Evigan collaborating on the track “Born For Greatness“.

Shaddix says : “The first time we met up with RAS and Colin, they said that 2000’s Infest was on constant rotation when they were growing up and they wanted to bring back some of that fire.”

Furlong adds : “The whole idea was to take the classic elements of Papa Roach that everyone loved and revamp them into a modern version of the sound through the creative process – and we ended up with a bold, courageous and more adventurous version of Papa Roach.”

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Upcoming ReleasesNew DANZIG album in May, 25th anniversary shows for ‘Danzig III : How The Gods Kill’ coming
///  Date : 18th March, 2017  ///

2017 seems like it’ll be a pretty big deal for Danzig. For starters, Danzig just announced he will be releasing its first new completely original full-length sometime this May, which is just about seven years out from Danzig’s last album, 2010’s ‘Deth Red Sabaoth‘.

This year also marks 25 years since the ‘Danzig III: How The Gods Kill‘ album, an occasion Danzig plans on commemorating with a handful of shows. The shows won’t be the entire album in full, but they’ll feature quite a few songs from the album.

Oh, and to top that all off, Danzig (and Ministry) will be playing the Blackest Of The Black Festival in California! That festival takes place at Oak Canyon Park in Silverado, CA on both May 26 and 27.

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Upcoming ReleasesMOONSPELL’s next album will be about the 1755 Lisbon Earthquake 
///  Date : 13th March, 2017  ///

Portuguese metal act Moonspell will be releasing a live DVD/Blu-Ray called ‘Lisboa Under The Spell‘, and initially planned on recording four songs about the 1755 Lisbon earthquake as a handful of studio bonus tracks for the release. The band decided that the four tracks were too good, and the concept too powerful, and are now working with producer Tue Madsen on a full-length album aptly titled ‘1755‘.

Frontman Fernando Ribeiro says the album is heavier than ‘Extinct‘, and is very excited about doing an entire album in Portuguese.

“It will be earthshaking but also very detailed with orchestrations and percussion as we want people to relive the Lisbon of the 18th century. Singing it in Portuguese allowed me to find a different expression as a vocalist and my job is to be the survivor of the earthquake, roaming the ruins and telling you all about it.”

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Upcoming ReleasesSATYRICON begins recording new album for September release
///  Date : 07th March, 2017  ///

Norwegian black metallers Satyricon have entered the studio to begin recording their new album for a September 22 release. A European tour in support of the disc will kick off the same weekend.

Satyricon vocalist Sigurd “Satyr” Wongraven, who was diagnosed with a brain tumor in 2015, told Metal Hammer‘s “In Residence” show on Spotify that the follow-up to 2013’s self-titled album would see the band moving away from the “violent, aggressive” vibe of its earlier efforts.

He said : “When we started getting back in to the rhythm after I was hospitalized, the music changed. I wasn’t so much into what we did earlier — it wasn’t that I didn’t like it, but I didn’t feel it in the same way anymore. A lot of what we did in the beginning is relentless, violent and aggressive. It’s not like it’s sobbing or really sad now, but it’s more percussive, varied and soulful. There’s less emphasis on the aggressive violent part of it.”

Satyr also revealed that Satyricon’s next album is being recorded on a farm outside Oslo, Norway.

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Upcoming ReleasesGOD DETHRONED to release ‘The World Ablaze’ album in May
///  Date : 10th February, 2017  ///

Dutch death metallers God Dethroned have set ‘The World Ablaze‘ as the title of their new album, due on May 5 via Metal Blade Records. The band’s first disc since 2010’s ‘Under The Sign Of The Iron Cross‘ is the third (and final) part of the World War I trilogy.

Swedish producer and multi-instrumentalist Dan Swanö, who mixed ‘The World Ablaze’, comments : “God Dethroned have taken a great turn on the fields of death metal. This album is a great combination of all kinds of tempos and styles the genre has to offer, each performed with crushing perfection, and catchy choruses and memorable melodic hooks! Will go down well among fans of Bolt Thrower (R.I.P.) and some of the other Dutch death brigades I’ve had the pleasure of working with!”

God Dethroned will play two German CD-release shows in early May and two Dutch concerts the following weekend.

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Upcoming ReleasesDEEP PURPLE reveal tracklist for upcoming album ‘InFinite’
///  Date : 04th February, 2017  ///

Deep Purple have revealed the tracklist for their upcoming 20th album titled ‘InFinite‘. The follow-up to 2013’s ‘Now What?!‘ was produced by Bob Ezrin and will launch on April 7 via earMusic. Deep Purple previously issued a lyric video for opening track “Time For Bedlam“.

Deep Purple InFinite tracklist
1. Time For Bedlam
2. Hip Boots
3. All I Got Is You
4. One Night In Vegas
5. Get Me Outta Here
6. The Surprising
7. Johnny’s Band
8. On Top Of The World
9. Birds Of Prey
10. Roadhouse Blues

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Upcoming ReleasesDEMONIC RESURRECTION to release their fifth full length album ‘Dashavatar’
///  Date : 02nd February, 2017  ///

Indian epic black/death metal group Demonic Resurrection will be releasing their fifth full length album, ‘Dashavatar‘, which translates to ‘the ten avatars of Vishnu‘, on March 15th. Each of the ten songs within correlates to a god in the Hindu mythology. Previously signed to Candlelight Records, the band decided to independently put out the album via their own label, Demonstealer Records.

Tracklisting :
1. “Matsya – The Fish”
2. “Kurma – The Tortoise”
3. “Varaha – The Boar”
4. “Vamana – The Dwarf”
5. “Narasimha – The Man-Lion”
6. “Parashurama – The Axe Wielder”
7. “Rama – The Prince”
8. “Krishna – The Cowherd”
9. “Buddha – The Teacher”
10. “Kalki – The Destroyer Of Filth”

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Upcoming ReleasesALICE IN CHAINS is recording a New Album right now
///  Date : 26th January, 2017  ///

Alice In Chains bassist Mike Inez has revealed in a new interview with Framus & Warwick that the band has returned to the studio to begin work on the long-awaited follow-up to 2013’s ‘The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here‘ album.

Inez reveals : “Being in the studio for twenty hours a day isn’t fun, but it’s a great job. But we try to make that our clubhouse and separate that from the business, kind of. So we’re still in that… playing in the sandbox, kind of, for this new record anyways. We’re still getting together in the same city, and plugging in in the same room. Today is actually our first day, and I’m already late, ’cause I’m here talking to you [laughs], so it shows you how professional we still are.”

This will be Alice In Chains first new album in four years and its third overall with vocalist William DuVall. Which is also weird, considering this means there are now an equal amount of full lengths with DuVall on vocals and with Layne Staley on vocals.

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Upcoming ReleasesCYNIC to release all four early demos as Uroboric Forms – The Complete Demo Recordings
///  Date : 21st January, 2017  ///

So the bad news here is that Cynic is still broken up, or maybe broken up. It’s still not exactly clear what the fate of Cynic is, but there’s a little good news! We can finally own the band’s ‘Demo 1988‘, ‘Demo 1990‘, ‘Demo 1991‘ and ‘Reflections Of A Dying World‘ (1989) all on CD or vinyl come February 10! As an added bonus, the final two tracks on the compilation are “Uroboric Forms” and “The Eagle Nature“, though they’re Brian DeNeffe of Viogression‘s tryout tracks from way back when.

There’s been no official announcement of this compilation yet either … but it’s available through Century Media’s IndieMerch and Nuclear Blast’s German store.

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Upcoming ReleasesBEHEMOTH will put out a Live Album this year, New Album being written
///  Date : 15th January, 2017  ///

If you’re not feeling Nergal‘s goth-folk output earlier today, don’t fret. We were told that Behemoth would likely be recording a new album in 2017, and it certainly looks like that’ll still happen. Frontman Nergal took to Instagram to announce that Behemoth will be releasing a new live album this year, and will be the only release of 2017.

He also adds that the release will be a stopgap between Behemoth’s 2014 album ‘The Satanist‘, and whatever the new album is (and whenever it comes out). So at least we’re getting something new and exciting from Behemoth in 2017.

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Upcoming ReleasesDIMMU BORGIR to release ‘Forces of the Northern Night’ DVD in April
///  Date : 14th January, 2017  ///

It has been nearly seven years since we’ve had a new studio album from Norwegian symphonic black metal veterans Dimmu Borgir. That wait continues, but in the meantime the band will be unleashing the DVD ‘Forces of the Northern Night‘ on April 14 via Nuclear Blast. It includes two Dimmu Borgir live shows. One is a 2011 concert recorded in Oslo, Norway onstage with the Norwegian Radio Orchestra and Choir. The other concert is their 2012 performance at the Wacken Open Air festival where they had nearly 100 musicians on stage. A bonus documentary feature will also be included.

Frontman Shagrath says, “For us, this is the pinnacle of our career so far. As a band, we’ve always used a lot of symphonic elements in our music. But we haven’t been able to use a real orchestra live. We’ve had to use samples, synthesizers and so on, so this was a huge, awesome experience for us!”

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Upcoming ReleasesOBITUARY set to release a brand new self-titled album this March’17
///  Date : 12th January, 2017  ///

Death Metal’s resident cavemen Obituary are one of the genre’s elite and are set to release their eponymous 10th studio effort on March’17 through Relapse, bringing 10 new tracks of slugging, rhythmic brutality.

Known for their mid-tempo, groove-laden approach to death metal, the ever-consistent Obituary have offered a teaser clip for the album with a snippet of the new song “It Lives” as heard in the video below.

Obituary, Obituary Track Listing
01. Brave
02. Sentence Day
03. Lesson in Vengeance
04. End It Now
05. Kneel Before Me
06. It Lives
07. Betrayed
08. Turned to Stone
09. Straight to Hell
10. Ten Thousand Ways to Die

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Upcoming ReleasesSUICIDE SILENCE : New Album Track listing, Cover Artwork, Release Date unveiled
///  Date : 28th December, 2016  ///

California deathcore masters Suicide Silence will release their new, self-titled album on February 24 via Nuclear Blast Entertainment. The CD was produced by Ross Robinson, who has previously worked with Korn, Slipknot, Limp Bizkit and Sepultura, among others, and was mixed by Joe Barresi (Kyuss, Melvins, Tool, Queens Of The Stone Age).

Speaking about the recording process for Suicide Silence’s new CD, vocalist Hernan “Eddie” Hermida told Revolver magazine : “Well, working with Ross was a delight. As many people like to talk on the Internet that he’s not a delight, I will tell you firsthand, a coffee in the morning and a little bit of soul searching in the afternoon is never a bad cup of tea.”

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Upcoming ReleasesICED EARTH to release ‘Incorruptible’ album in May; Listen to new song “The Great Heathen Army”
///  Date : 19th December, 2016  ///

Metal Wani‘s Fernando Bonenfant conducted an interview with Iced Earth founder, chief songwriter, and guitarist Jon Schaffer before the band’s December 6 concert at Electric Brixton in London, England. You can now watch the chat below. A few excerpts follow (transcribed by Blabbermouth.net).

On Iced Earth’s upcoming studio album, originally titled ‘The Judas Goat‘ :
Schaffer : “Well, actually, [‘The Judas Goat’] was a working title, and we canned that. So the album is gonna be called ‘Incorruptible‘. It’s going to be out in May next year.”

On how ‘Incorruptible‘ compares to previous Iced Earth albums :
Schaffer : “They’re all kind of their own thing, but I have a very strong gut feeling about this, and so does everybody in the band, that this is one of the really special ones. So I put it up there with ‘The Dark Saga‘ [1996], ‘Something Wicked This Way Comes‘ [1998], ‘Dystopia‘ [2011] — it’s in that league of records — so it’s really gonna be something special, man. I know musicians always say that, but there is something going on here, so it’s cool. We’re all very excited about it.”

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Upcoming ReleasesIMMOLATION announce new album — Listen to the first Single here!
///  Date : 16th December, 2016  ///

Immolation have announced that they’ll release a new album, ‘Atonement‘ on February 24 via Nuclear Blast.

They’ve released the lead single from the album, “Destructive Currents” via a 360-degree lyric video.

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Upcoming ReleasesSEPULTURA’s ‘The Roadrunner Albums 1985-1996′ Box Set coming in January
///  Date : 08th December, 2016  ///

sepultura-the-roadrunner-albumsSepultura are one of the pioneers of Brazilian metal, and one of the genre’s most influential bands. A collection of their early albums is being released Jan. 27 via Rhino Records. The six-disc ‘The Roadrunner Albums 1985-1996‘ will be available on CD ($39.95 list price) and vinyl with each album pressed in a different color ($99.98 list price). The set includes their 1985 debut EPBestial Devastation‘ along with their first six studio albums: 1986’s ‘Morbid Visions‘, 1987’s ‘Schizophrenia‘, 1989’s ‘Beneath the Remains‘, 1991’s ‘Arise‘, 1993’s ‘Chaos A.D.‘ and 1996’s ‘Roots‘.

A couple weeks before the box set is unveiled, the current incarnation of Sepultura will release their latest album ‘Machine Messiah‘ on Jan. 13. They’ll also be hitting the road for a tour with Testament and Prong beginning April 6 in Albuquerque, N.M.

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Upcoming ReleasesDEEP PURPLE to release ‘Infinite’ studio album in 2017
///  Date : 26th November, 2016  ///

deeppurple2013Deep Purple has set ‘Infinite‘ as the title of its new studio album, tentatively due in early spring via earMUSIC. The follow-up to 2013’s ‘Now What?!‘, which was tracked in February at a studio in Nashville, Tennessee, was once again helmed by Bob Ezrin, who has previously worked with KISS, Pink Floyd, Peter Gabriel, Alice Cooper and Kansas, among others.

Deep Purple — which has been eligible for induction into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame for two decades now — finally entered the Rock Hall as part of the class of 2016. The band’s first three lineups were inducted, including drummer Ian Paice, guitarist Ritchie Blackmore, late keyboardist Jon Lord, and various singers and bassists — Rod Evans; Ian Gillan and Roger Glover; and David Coverdale and Glenn Hughes.

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Upcoming ReleasesOVERKILL : ‘The Grinding Wheel’ album details revealed
///  Date : 17th November, 2016  ///

overkillLegendary New Jersey thrashers Overkill will release their new studio album, titled ‘The Grinding Wheel‘, on February 19, 2017 via Nuclear Blast.

overkill_the-grinding-wheelComments Overkill frontman Bobby “Blitz” Ellsworth : “Grinding on! Here we come again kids, strapped to the Grinding Wheel! Bang your head”.

‘The Grinding Wheel’ was produced by Overkill and mixed by Andy Sneap (Testament, Exodus, Accept). The artwork was created again by Travis Smith (Nevermore, Opeth, Soilwork, Death).

Ellsworth recently told Patch.com about Overkill’s decision to title its forthcoming album ‘The Grinding Wheel’ : “When we were looking for a title, when you think in terms of the word ‘grind’, you think of something that is relentless and doesn’t wear down, whether it be an old stone mill or something metallic where sparks are flying through it. It’s about an all-purpose tool through all time. It’s a good, quality OVERKILL record.”

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UpcomingReleasesBABYMETAL reveal ‘Live At Wembley’ album
///  Date : 11th November, 2016  ///

babymetalBabymetal have confirmed the release of ‘Live At Wembley‘ on December 9. The 13-track CD was recorded at the London venue in April, when Babymetal became the first Japanese band to play there.

babymetal_live-at-wembleyIt follows the launch of second album ‘Metal Resistance‘, also in April, and ties in with their UK support tour with the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Babymetal were voted Best Live Act at this year’s AIM Independent Music Awards following their Wembley show and an appearance at the Download festival.

Su-Metal said at the time: “The UK has always felt like our second home since the first time we performed at a festival here over two years ago. We’ve been back plenty of times recently and the support from the UK only ever gets stronger. We are more assured now that we can continue to stay true to ourselves as Babymetal.”

A digital edition of ‘Live At Wembley’ will be released on December 30.

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UpcomingReleasesMAYHEM to release Live album ‘De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas Alive’ in December
///  Date : 02nd November, 2016  ///

mayhem-de-mysteriis-dom-sathans-aliveMayhem is celebrating the existence of its 1994 landmark album ‘De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas‘ with tours across the world, including North America this year and next year, where the album will be performed in full. Now the band is giving its fans the chance to experience the album live in their own homes with the release of ‘De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas Alive‘, out on December 15.

mayhemThe album was recorded live in Norrköping, Sweden on December 18, 2015, when the band headlined the Black Christmass festival. This was also the first time ‘De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas’ was ever performed in its entirety.

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UpcomingReleases///  Date : 29th October, 2016  ///
SEPULTURA announce new album, to release ‘Machine Messiah’ in January 2017

sepultura_machine-messiahWhen ‘Machine Messiah‘ comes out, it’ll have been four years since Sepultura‘s previous album ‘The Mediator Between Head and Hands Must Be the Heart‘. For what it’s worth, the latter record wasn’t the most awful thing in the world, so it’ll be interesting to hear how ‘Machine Messiah’ shapes up comparatively. The album was produced by Jens Bogren, whose resume includes bands like Soilwork, Leprous, and Opeth, and has artwork done by Filipino artist Camille Della Rosa.

According to the band, the album is about “the robotization of our society nowadays” and the cycle of a mechanized society coming to an end. Check out the artwork for the album above, which is admittedly pretty damn awesome. Hopefully the music will match up? ‘Machine Messiah’ is out January 13, 2017 via Nuclear Blast.

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UpcomingReleases///  Date : 27th October, 2016  ///
AVENGED SEVENFOLD’s new album will be called ‘The Stage’ and it will arrive this Friday

avenged-sevenfoldAccording to various sources, Avenged Sevenfold will apparently release its new album, ‘The Stage‘, this Friday, October 28 via Capitol Records.

avenged-sevenfold_the-stageAvenged Sevenfold is expected to reveal all the details of its new CD at an event taking place this Thursday (October 27), in which the band will give a global, 3D, 360-degree, live-streamed virtual reality performance in partnership with Universal Music Group, Capitol Records and VRLIVE. Fans around the world will be able to view the live stream on Universal’s newly released VRTGO virtual reality platform, powered by VRLIVE’s advanced technology. According to a press statement, fans will be able experience the show “as if they were there”.

Avenged Sevenfold debuted a new song and video online two weeks ago called “The Stage“. At the time, the California band’s seventh studio album was rumored to be called ‘Voltaic Oceans‘.

The band launched its campaign for the new album — it first for Capitol Records — with projections or pictures of the band’s mascot, the Deathbat, in cities around the world. The band’s seventh studio album will be its first with new drummer Brooks Wackerman following the dismissal of Arin Ilejay in 2015.

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UpcomingReleases///  Date : 20th October, 2016  ///
DIMMU BORGIR is wrapping up its ‘Forces Of The Northern Night’ Live Album

dimmu-borgirDimmu Borgir hasn’t put out a proper studio album since 2010, but recent suggestions from the band points to that streak ending soon. According to the band, a new album and its live album/DVD ‘Forces Of The Northern Night‘ are coming soon. While we haven’t heard much about the new album, we do know that ‘Forces Of The Northern Night’ is being wrapped up! At least according to guitarist Silenoz’s page.

For those not in the know, ‘Forces Of The Northern Night’ is the live album from Dimmu Borgir’s 2011 performance at the Oslo Spektrum in Norway. The performance included 53 members of the Norwegian Radio Orchestra and 30 members of the Schola Cantorum choir.

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UpcomingReleases///  Date : 15th October, 2016  ///
KREATOR to release ‘Gods Of Violence’ album in January

kreator_bandGerman thrash metal veterans Kreator have launched a countdown clock leading up to the pre-order of their new album, ‘Gods Of Violence‘. Head to godsofviolence.com to check out a teaser video.

kreator_gods-of-violenceKreator’s follow-up to 2012’s ‘Phantom Antichrist‘ will be released in January via Nuclear Blast. Kreator will tour Europe in support of the new CD beginning in early February. Guitarist/singer Mille Petrozza and his crew will be accompanied by a varied as well as iconic billing. Brazilian-American extreme metal pioneers Sepultura are announced to be direct support to the headliners, followed by visionary Swedish melodic death metallers Soilwork and Belgium’s finest death/grind outfit Aborted.

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UpcomingReleases///  Date : 13th October, 2016  ///
AVENGED SEVENFOLD’s new album, ‘Voltaic Oceans’ to reportedly see December release

avenged-sevenfoldThe mystery of Avenged Sevenfold’s 2016 plans may just have been unravelled. As we reported recently, Avenged’s ‘Deathbat’ logo has been mysteriously appearing around the world. Many fans believe the band have been signaling a new album, and we may have just gotten the juicy details.

jericho-deleted-instagram-new-avenged-sevenfold-albumAvenged Sevenfold’s new album will reportedly been named ‘Voltaic Oceans‘ and will see a Dec. 9 release date. The information was allegedly released by Chris Jericho, who according to various publications, prematurely shared the details via an now-deleted Instagram post:

Chris Jericho is close friends with A7X vocalist M. Shadows. The two even got matching Helloween pumpkin tattoos together! So the wrestling legend and Fozzy frontman could certainly be a reliable insider source on the subject of Avenged Sevenfold.

In other Avenged news, the band has launched a new website which brings fans face-to-face with Deathbot, an all-knowing gatekeeper for Avenged Sevenfold info. Deathbot allows all comers to ask questions and will even offer clues given the right keywords.

Get ready for Oct. 27, when the details on Avenged Sevenfold’s new album will be officially revealed!

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UpcomingReleases///  Date : 23rd September, 2016  ///
SUICIDAL TENDENCIES announce new album ‘World Gone Mad’

suicidal_tendencies_-_world_gone_madOn September 30th 2016 the legendary punk/thrash icons Suicidal Tendencies will release the follow up to their latest effort 13 via Suicidal Records. The new record entitled ‘World Gone Mad’ will be the band’s first studio album featuring the legendary drummer Dave Lombardo (Slayer, Phantomas, GripInc, Dead Cross) and the new members Ra Diaz on Bass and Jeff Pogan on guitar.

Dave Lombardo first joined the band on the last US tour (that saw Suicidal Tendencies as main support for Megadeth), is now officially a member of the band and driving force behind the new release.

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UpcomingReleases///  Date : 21st September, 2016  ///
ELECTRIC WIZARD to drop a new record on Halloween

electric-wizardElectric Wizard came out with its debut record in 1995 and has since knocked out classics such as ‘Dopethrone‘ and ‘We Live‘, though the band’s overall body of work is awesome. You also know by now that Electric Wizard sounds like what weed would sound like if weed murdered people in their sleep and could play instruments.

So the good news is that Electric Wizard, with a new rhythm section never-before-recorded consisting of bassist Clayton Burgess and drummer Simon Poole, will be releasing a currently untitled album on Halloween! The mysterious bit is that it’s going to be… not what we expect?

Time to Die‘ effectively closed the lid on a particular part of the band’s career, and this new album will represent a fresh turn of the turf …

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DEEP PURPLE’s new album tentatively due in February

deeppurple2013Deep Purple‘s new studio album is tentatively due in February 2017, singer Ian Gillan has revealed in a new interview with Antihero magazine. The follow-up to 2013’s “Now What?!”, which was tracked earlier this year at a studio in Nashville, Tennessee, was once again helmed by Bob Ezrin, who has previously worked with KISS, Pink Floyd, Peter Gabriel, Alice Cooper and Kansas, among others.

Gillan also talked about the Deep Purple songwriting process, explaining : “Deep Purple was different than any other kind of writing I do with other people. Deep Purple is primarily an instrumental band, and the routine is we book [time] in a studio somewhere, and the [other] guys [in the band] come in at noon. They start jamming and they work ’till six o’clock, take a break at three for a cup of tea and then do that every day. Roger [Glover, bass] and I listen to the music and clock out the occasional bit and think that might be okay for a tune on the album or something. Then we start refocusing on making arrangements and how to develop the song.

Then when it is all tucked away, I start thinking about the lyrics and the tunes. There is no point before they get literally torn up every day because everything changes every day. There’s no shortage of things to write about lyrically. There is no point trying to create a tune on something that’s going to change in a couple of hours. That’s how it worked with Deep Purple. This is primarily an instrumental band. I just climb on board and write it along”.

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IN FLAMES to release new album ‘Battles’ in November, debut track “The End” out now

In-Flames-BattlesIn Flames‘ recent albums have driven its fan base into two distinct camps, with one half crying “go back to the old stuff!” and the other half loving the band’s new radio-friendly sound. While it’s tough to judge the new album as a whole, “The End” seems like it’ll be a push in the latter’s direction once more. Though to be fair, the guitar work on “The End” has a lot of harmonies, and the vocals are definitely heavier!

Here’s what vocalist Anders Fridén says about the new album, ‘Battles‘, in an interview with Decibel – “Guitar driven, melodic… it’s like they know what to expect. It’s not like we’re coming out with something completely different, but at the same time it’s still new. If they already like In Flames, they will like it—and if they don’t like In Flames already, they still might like it. I’m very proud of it and hopefully people will be as well.”

In Flames will be releasing ‘Battles‘ on November 11.

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METALLICA announce new album ‘Hardwired… To Self-Destruct’

MET_HTSD_Album_2016-08-16It’s happening this year! Metallica have just announced that they’ll be releasing their new album, Hardwired… To Self-Destruct, on November 18, 2016. With that news also comes a music video for the feisty, three minute neck-wrecker, “Hardwired”, which can be viewed below.

The eight year drought following Death Magnetic is finally over and Metallica have finally put the rumors of a new album coming out this year to rest. The band had been reluctant to confirm a 2016 release, though drummer Lars Ulrich hinted it would be out this year unless there was some “cosmic reason” to hold on to the record until next year.

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TESTAMENT reveal gorgeous cover art for next album ‘Brotherhood Of The Snake’

The album, titled Brotherhood Of The Snake, comes out October 28, 2016 and today, the band unveiled the epic art work for the album, illustrated by Eliran Kantor :


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