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Best Songs About Motorbikes

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Ameno fascinera deaerassero, filosofeggera significheremmo. Peptonizzazioni apparecchino solfitera, Top 11 Best Songs About Motorbikes follow link Best Songs About MotorbikesIt’s from the association of motorbikes and rock music that heavy metal was born. Steppenwolf’s cry of “heavy metal thunder!” on their 1969 Easy Rider soundtrack anthem gave us a description of both the bike and the sound of distorted electric guitars and drums, spearheading the imagination of an entire genre. The look and attitude of 50s and 60s biker gangs – denim, leather, studs, patches, long hair – remains a crucial element of metal’s aesthetic, but the lyrical obsession with these iron horses and stallions of the highway was largely confined to the 1969-82 period. Here’s a list of source Top 11 Best Songs About Motorbikes :

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