Category 1986 : Best Year for Thrash Metal

1986 : Best Year for Thrash Metal

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source Ten Albums of 1986 that put Thrash Metal on the Pinnacle After Metallica’s Kill ‘Em All debut brought the frantic new genre to people’s attention in 1983, it felt like something was brewing, festering, growing in strength and potency. And then the whole thing exploded, ripping the faces of all and sundry. In 1986, you suddenly couldn’t move for amazing thrash records. You’d walk down the street and they’d leap at your head, hungry for brains. Take a look at the albums that made  free dating website for musicians 1986 Best Year for Thrash Metal.

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get link Most metal fans back then didn’t realise how spoilt they were, or how this 12-month period would mark a pinnacle in extreme music...

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